The Good, The Bad, and The Backstory

A Unique Story that Presents a Timeline of Events in the Day of the Life of Five Middle-School Students. -Boys Town Press

Melissa’s goal is to help youth develop skills in empathy and perspective-taking through fictional writing.

5-Star Reviews

1/11/2022 As a school counselor, I struggle to find material that’s interesting and to engage my 5th graders in guidance lessons. This book has allowed my students to relate to the characters. I love the meaningful conversations this book has generated from my students. LRK

4/8/2021 I wish there had been a book like this when I was growing up. Great for teaching and reading at home. Gives great insight into the minds of other kids who are also going through different things at home and at school. Allie Thomas

4/7/2021 It’s a great book for students to build a foundation of empathy and understanding. The stories translate to real situations throughout life that not only teach middle schoolers, but hopefully stick with them as they turn into teenagers and young adults. It’s an easy read with short chapters, while still delivering impactful lessons in each page. The more students that read this and understand, the more emotionally intelligent adults there will be at the ready for all of life’s twists and turns. Taylor Brodhagen


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