Snow Mountain – Cupsuptic

NE 100 Highest #94

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

This was the start of a less-than-enjoyable day. The first issue was getting there. We were driving from Gorham, NH, and using the All Trails location for the trailhead (45.176520, -70.844560). Google Maps told us to take Wilson Mills Road off of Route 16 before Rangeley. It didn’t take long before we hit a gate where a man told us – brusquely – that it was private property. We had to improvise. We went back to Route 16 and tried another dirt road called Morton Cutoff, which took us passed a shooting range and then a right onto Lincoln Pond Road. We passed the trail head for West Kennebago via Tom Pond Road before joining back into Kennebago River Road beyond where it was gated on the other side. We followed this for a while and then took a left onto Wiggle Brook Road. Half the battle is just getting there!

It was time to finally start hiking, and we followed a path of wet, overgrown foliage and muddy tire tracks.

Eventually we came upon a small cairn and continued through the wet grass and weeds, but then realized that it was easier to walk through the drainage ditch for the old ATV road. Our clothes were clinging to us, as there was no way to avoid walking through plants, some of which were over my head.

This was taken on the way back. John is coming out of the drainage ditch.

An arrow on the ground shows where the trail turns into the woods. Instead of tall wet grass, you push through small wet trees until it finally opens up a bit. This is where you start to gain elevation.

Poor moose…

There’s no view on the summit, but there is a canister. We decided not to sign into it; we just wanted to hurry up to end the misery of soaked feet and clinging clothes. Luckily, Whitecap and Kennebago Divide would be more of the same…

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